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Prices 👉 Hardwire smoke alarm (labor + part)= $68.40 plus tax; battery-operated smoke alarm (labor + part)= $33.56 plus tax. Please know that our policy is to replace hardwired smoke alarms with hardwired smoke alarms and Battery Operated with Battery Operated.
Replacing an outdated/defective lock on-site MAY SAVE you money and headaches! 😎

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✅ Replacing lock(s) during this visit 👉 $26.75 (Kwikset keyway ONLY), plus tax per lock.

✅ Replacing inoperable lock(s) after this visit 👉 $75 trip fee (plus tax) + $26.75 (Kwikset keyway ONLY), plus tax per lock during business hours.

✅ Replacing inoperable lock(s) after this visit during after-hours 👉$150 trip fee (plus tax) + $26.75 (Kwikset keyway ONLY), plus tax per lock during business hours.

✅ Emergency lockouts outside of Mr. Rekey Locksmith's hours of operation 👉$300+ (Mr. Rekey Locksmith, a Rekey America Company, does not do emergency lockouts outside of regular business hours).

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Trip charge, four key copies, and up to 6 Keyholes for standard door knobs and deadbolts.
Additional Keyholes can be rekeyed at an additional fee/keyhole.

The Rekey Special does not include Mortise, RIM, Profile cylinders, Patio doors, and overhead cylinders. They can be rekeyed at an additional fee.

Every mechanical device needs regular maintenance to ensure it continues to work correctly. Door locks are no exception.
It's common to believe a door lock will always work. Even hardware store-quality locks can operate for decades, depending on the amount of usage. Lock maintenance is not usually on the occupant's regular maintenance "to-do" lists. Most residential locksmiths agree the average lock's lifespan is about seven (7) years. As with all mechanical items, dirt and grime will enter the door lock; without proper maintenance, the lock will become extremely hard to operate and eventually break.
During our service appointment, the technician will inspect and document the condition of the locks. Locks that are "working" but have defects, such as being worn-out, rusted, tarnished, corroded, and difficult to operate, are recommended to be replaced. Mr. Rekey Locksmith, a Rekey America Company, does NOT warranty locks that have exceeded their lifespan or were recommended to be replaced. Subsequent visits will be subject to a Trip Fee of $75 plus tax, when applicable by State, at minimum.

All hardware, labor, and work completed by our Company is guaranteed for 30 days from the completion date except when the locksmith recommends parts to be replaced (repairs and installs), malfunctions due to abuse, vandalism, and other circumstances beyond company control.
Mr. Rekey/ Rekey America must service all warranty requests.
Recalls or Returned services beyond the 30-day warranty will be subject to a Trip Fee of $75 plus tax, when applicable by State, at minimum.
Our 30-day warranty does not apply if the customer, after the end of the service, has modified or manipulated the product or result provided with the help of a third party.
No warranty is provided on parts, hardware, or labor that is affected due to weather conditions, and subsequent visits will be subject to a Trip Fee of $75 plus tax, when applicable by State, at minimum.
No warranty is provided on parts, hardware, or products purchased from external sources other than Mr. Rekey Locksmith, a Rekey America Company.
No warranty is provided on commercial services.

Strike plate adjustments are part of the property's ongoing maintenance due to weather and foundation problems.
We do NOT warranty strike plate adjustment maintenance at Mr. Rekey Locksmith, a Rekey America Company.
If you encounter issues with the strike plates after our service, we can come back and adjust them, but this service is subject to a trip fee and a strike plate adjustment fee per door.

The customer is responsible for requesting to keep old hardware. Our policy is to ALWAYS discard the old hardware for safety purposes unless the customer requests to have us leave it at the service location. Once the tech leaves the job site, there will be NO refunds or trip-backs to return old hardware.

We do NOT offer refunds for any service we have rendered that was authorized by third parties.

We do NOT offer refunds for any service we have rendered. We do NOT provide compensation for any service rendered by a third party.

We do not charge for the estimates, but we do charge for the trip fee.
Our technicians will provide on-site service pricing after assessing the job's difficulty. A service trip fee applies if the customer decides not to contract the service after receiving the quotation from our on-site technician.

During the service visit, we will be going in and out of the house, which can provide tempting escape routes for your indoor pets. Mr. Rekey Locksmith, a Rekey America Company, will accept NO responsibility should a pet escape during a service visit. Please know that our technician will only perform work once your pet is secure, for both the safety of our technician and that of your pet.

It is the client's, tenant's, or representative's responsibility to keep the doors free from obstructions, such as furniture and moving boxes.
Mr. Rekey Locksmith, a Rekey America Company, will accept NO responsibility should damage to personal belongings occur while our technician performs the locksmith services requested. To avoid liability, our tech is NOT PERMITTED to assist in clearing obstructions.

Mr. Rekey Locksmith, a Rekey America Company, does not warranty the hardware the customer provides.
It is the customer's responsibility to inspect their hardware before our arrival.
Our technician will inform you if there are defects with the hardware during installation.
If the hardware isn't working, and a return visit is warranted, the customer must pay for a returned trip.

Each client's appointment is very important to us. We take great care to ensure scheduling is handled efficiently. Our technicians have a full schedule each day, and there is not much time between jobs to wait for approvals.
Our team will call and text to obtain approvals for work orders requested from
Third parties. After 15-30 minutes of waiting, our tech has to move on to the next job. We highly suggest providing us with an adequate pre-approved maintenance limit to avoid getting charged a returned trip fee and delaying work orders.

We cannot warranty that all the services requested can be done in one visit. If it's determined that we need to come back, then the customer will be informed. There will not be a returned trip fee.

You must reschedule within 24 hours before the scheduled date to avoid a Late Cancellation Fee plus $75 plus tax, when applicable by State.

You must cancel within 24 hours before the scheduled date to avoid a Late Cancellation Fee plus $75 plus tax, when applicable by State.

A No-show fee of $75 plus tax, when applicable by State, applies when the customer or their representative fails to show up within 15 minutes of our tech arriving at the service property.

Green Residential Property Management Standard Protocol

TX PM Rekey Special – $99.99, Billed
KEY SYSTEM: 6 – 30 , G – N ALWAYS LEAVE 2 KEYS AT THE PROPERTY. *** KEY #5 is used ONLY IF REQUESTED in work order !!! per PM 3/31/23 *** If we serviced the property before and is in #5 and they requested again, PM just want for Tech to pick one from the key system and let them know in the invoice. When sending a confirmation email please let them know this information so they know that we will be using they key system **If the property is suspected to be occupied please call our support line to verify and get approval for entry**(713) 395-9700 Possible LB codes 2378, 2620, 8166, 2133, 5833 KEY system UPDATE 03/14/2023: They went with key range 6 through 30 and G through N. TECHS- if you are servicing Marshall or McKinney Street then please review key cuts below. McKinney 4102 – key 17 4104 – key 5 4104 Unit D – key 21 4108 – key 16 4114 – key 26 4116 – common door – key 15 Room A – key 20 Room B – key 18 Room C – key 3 Marshall 1821 Unit 1 key 19 1821 Unit 2 key 15 1821 Unit 3 – key 22 1821 Unit 4- key 26 IF YOU NEED TO CALL FOR APPROVAL WHILE ON SITE YOU CAN CALL -LUIS GOOGLE VOICE NUMBER – 662-448-3435 Sheila 10 AM-6 PM ONLY (832) 827-3646 NTE for all Orders is $250.00 **ALL MILEAGE FEES ARE APPROVED PER PHILIPPIAN** 07/29/2021 Sheila 832-827-3646 Per PM Lacey Felechner – Yes you are always approved for a gain entry fee.
DISPATCHERS: – Please remind your techs to send us a quote for any required work that exceeds the $250. – We do not have permission to give approval over the phone. – Please send an email to PMs in order to get fees approved. FOR VACANTS PROPERTIES: IF DATE requested is not available, Please go earliest available it’s vacant for the foreseeable future. Let me know what day. CSR’s If they are requesting jobs be done NORTH of Georgetown on ANY other day other than Wednesday then then HIGHER mileage rates apply Belton – $80 Copperas Cove $90 Killeen is $90 Little River-Academy is $80 BILLERS: Update APPFOLIO PROPERTY MELD LINK – USERNAME – PASSWORD – ROC@1421 *No Collection calls* email to: Send an email with the property address in the email to We have too many properties to get text messages and this number does not address invoices END INVOICE THROUGH SF TO – , AND THE COMPREHENSIVE REPORT AS A NOTICE OF COMPLETION AS A FOLLOW-UP TICKET OR REPLY TO THE ORIGINAL TICKET THE WORK ORDER REQUEST CAME THROUGH SEND COMPREHENSIVE REPORTS TO THE SAME EMAIL /TICKET THE INITIAL WORK ORDER REQUEST CAME IN THROUGH ,FIND THE TICKET AND CREATE A FOLLOW UP ATTACHING THE REPORT AND SUBMITTING AS NEW ,THEN ONCE CONFIRMED IT WENT THROUGH SUBMIT AS SOLVED , COPY PASTE THE EMAIL TO THE ACTIVITY NOTES TO SHOW IT WAS DONE PLEASE, ANY QUESTIONS OR HELP PLEASE AS RUBEN per Shaun Felecher DO NOT CLOSE OUT IN MELD , IF ASKED TO DO SO PLEASE PROVIDE , PICTURES AND COMPLETION NOTES , KEY NUMBER ETC. PER Carol Garnett Effective immediately, instead of sending invoices directly to our office, please send directly to AvidXchange using only one of these two options: Mail your invoice to: PO Box 62880, Irvine, CA 92602 Note: When emailing invoices, attachments must be under 5MB and only one invoice can be included per attachment. Emails can include multiple attachments. Please also include any necessary backup documentation. 2. Update your invoice submission process Each invoice must include the following information: Property / Entity / Department Name Ship-to / Service Address Business Name & Remittance Address P.O. Number or Reference