Let's Schedule Your Rekey Service

What services would you like us to perform?

Includes the trip charge, four(4) key copies, and up to six (6) Keyholes. 

Additional Keyholes can be rekeyed at an additional fee/keyhole. 

Install customer hardware in an existing hole to replace old hardware. 

It does not include rekeying.

Submit a Locksmith Service Inquiry Request for anything outside the Rekey Special. 

We Do More than Locks!

While we are there, you may also like additional safety and security upgrades:

What to expect during our visit?

The rekey special provides you with a locksmith service call to the property during which we’ll rekey up to 6 keyholes (deadbolts & doorknobs only), and make 4 copies of your new keys.

up to 6 keyholes?

When rekeying a lock, a locksmith is changing the combination of each cylinder inside of the lock. Some locks have two cylinders, like in the case of a double-sided cylinder, as shown above. There is one cylinder per keyhole.

The rekey special comes with up six keyholes, not six locks.

*If your home has more than six keyholes, every additional keyhole is an extra charge. 

all locks in one key?

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