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How Do You Make Yourself Memorable After a Closing?

Gift Certificate

Paying attention to your ratings on reviews sites and your relationships with your clients on social media are great ways to cultivate your brand and make yourself memorable as a Realtor. Still, you really want to create a lifetime value for that client. The best way to do this is to provide them with something they can really use after a closing. In the past, Realtors gave homebuyers fruit baskets or a bottle of wine or champagne. Those are all great things, but why not give them something they could really use for their new home. Something that might make them consider your business relationship in the future and recommend you to friends and family. That’s where Mr. Rekey comes in.

We think we have the perfect closing gift for Realtors, the Rekey Special! For a standard, low price, your homebuyer will get a service call to their property; we’ll rekey 6 keyholes and provide your homebuyer with 4 new keys.

Gift Certificates are Available Online! You can buy the perfect closing gift with your smartphone right after the closing. Your clients receive instructions on how to redeem it, and we take it from here 🙂



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